Grace Lutheran Church Officials for 2023

Brad Dinkel

Vice President
Kent Warneke

Paul Leckband

Kristen Rosner

Finance Secretary
Marge Reikofski


Jonathon Andreasen

Shawn Beaudette

Adrian Boelter

Brian Boning

Phil Carlson

Jake Dinkel

Josh Freudenburg

Dan Green

Andrew Keseman

Waylon Pesche

Glenn Spreeman

Bronson Stonacek

Grace Elders serve a vital role in supporting our worship life in the church. They humbly help make sure we hear God's word and receive his gracious gifts. They encourage the whole church to live together well in the body of Christ.


Chris Daniels

Tim Ferguson

Rob Jenkins

Gerry Mansfield

Rob Mercer

Phil Zastrow

Often behind the scenes, Grace Trustees support to make sure our house of worship and all our facilities are open and a blessing to all. They are often busy with projects seen and unseen.

Board of Education

Ben Brummels

Melissa Dinkel

Nick Griffith

Suzie Leffers

Janet Mansfield

Andrew Sunderman

The Board of Education helps oversee our teaching ministry to young and old, including Sunday School, confirmation, youth group, support for CLS and LHNE, bible studies, and much more.

Family Life Board

Andrea Beaudette

Sherry Dinkel

Lois Leckband

Lee Obermeyer

Barb Schaefer

Family Life Ministry volunteer's help us serve those who can fall through the cracks. They offer baby showers, baptismal boxes, parenting classes, Family of God Friday game nights, care package for college kids, meals on wheels, and our one of a kind club called God's Gathering for 80+ year olds with the best stories to share!