Restoration Project and Temporary Worship in Fellowship Hall

There has been much conversation and deliberation with regard to the restoration of the Sanctuary of Grace church.  The work can be done most efficiently if much of the interior materials can be removed before restoration begins; ie: pews, speakers, carpet.  It is the intention of the workers to begin on June 4 and have all completed by the end of July. 

 A good amount of energy and workmanship has already been applied to this restoration by the Trustees and others.  We very much appreciate your flexibility in accomplishing this important restoration.  It is intended that all worship services will be held in the South basement for the duration of this project.  The basement will be set up appropriately for worship.  The east entrance to the church and the elevator are available as the main entrances to the church basement.  Other doors may be available at times.  Please follow signage throughout the project as access may change according to areas of workmanship in the church.  Fellowship time, ie: donuts, will be held in the North Basement.  Sunday morning bible class will be held in the South Basement.  Thank You! 

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